Pressure Washing Alternative in Lakewood Ranch, FL

Solar Panel Washing

Riptide Softwash in Lakewood Ranch, FL is the SAFER alternative to pressure
washing. We offer a vast array of exterior cleaning services for your home or business.


Dirt and grime can reduce the efficiencies of solar power systems by almost 20%. Routine maintenance soft washing keeps your panels producing all year long.

If you have angled panels, rain should often work like a dream. But of course, this is going to depend on the immediate environment.

If there are many air pollutants, thick layers of dirt, or drippy tree sap, you will have to clean them on a regular but occasional basis.

You can think of it in terms of the same way you view the cleaning process of your car. If rain was an effective cleaning method, why do people take their vehicles to a car wash?

This is because of the dirt, dust and debris rain can leave in its wake. It doesn’t matter that the solar panels sit higher off the ground.

Rain’s effect can be the same.

Why SoftWash vs. Pressure Washing?